Poly Furniture FAQs

Poly Outdoor Furniture- The warm look and feel of wood without the drawbacks!

What is Poly/HDPE furniture?

HDPE stand for High Density Polyethylene. It is used in a variety of other consumer products like milk jugs, plastic bottles, and composite decking. HDPE material is 100% recyclable.

Do you offer material samples?

Yes! We know that choosing furniture is a long-term decision and that many of our customers prefer to physically handle the composite material before purchasing the furniture. We offer a packet of up to 5 sample colors for $19.99. We then offer a shipping discount code with your final purchase to refund you this cost.

Will my poly furniture fade?

Unlike many other plastics, this material is considered to be color-fast. UV stabilizers that almost completely eliminate fade are compounded into the poly, and it contains no additional organic material that would naturally fade to gray. Extreme exposure to UV radiation may cause a very slight lightening after 7 years but will probably go unnoticed unless it’s paired with a brand-new piece. Brighter colors will be most affected.

Will my furniture rot?

No. Poly/HDPE material contains no organic fillers and will not rot or degrade.

Will my furniture crack?

No. Our warranty guarantees against any structural cracking.

Will my furniture rust?

The HDPE portion of your furniture will not rust. All fasteners, braces, and swivel mechanisms are, however, made of stainless steel and aluminum. Although these materials do not rust under normal circumstances, coastal salt air, chlorinated pool water, or ice melt products can cause minor surface rust of even stainless steel and aluminum.
To protect these materials, we do not advise using ice melt on your furniture in the winter time and also recommend an occasional rinse with fresh water if the furniture is exposed to either pool water or coastal salt air. This will prevent buildup up of minerals and will prolong the life of the metal components.

Do I need to paint or stain my furniture?

No. In fact, HDPE products will not accept applications of stain or paint.

Can I let my furniture outside year-round?

Yes! In fact, you do not even need to cover it unless you want to protect it from dirt.

How do I clean my furniture?

Water and a soft brush or cloth will work just fine. Your furniture can also be either sprayed off with a hose or pressure washed. When pressure washing, keep the end of the gun at least 18” from the furniture.

Does this furniture blow away?

Our HDPE furniture is constructed sturdily enough that it resists blow-away much better than most other outdoor furniture pieces.

What is the warranty?

20-year residential, 5-year commercial. See our full warranty policy here.

Will my furniture fit into my space?

Each piece we sell comes with dimensions and/or graphics showing exactly how much patio, porch, or deck space will be required.

Is assembly required?

Minor assembly is needed for most of our furniture pieces. Instructions are included! We also offer fully assembled shipping options.

How is it shipped?

We use a combination of UPS ground, LTL (pallet shipping), and blanket wrap (pickup and enclosed trailer) with white-glove options as well. Please see our shipping page for more details.

Is this list of Poly Furniture FAQs all-inclusive?

Not necessarily. If you have any further questions, give us a call!

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